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Puzzle Obsessed,
Color Geek.

My name is Erika Neola. I graduated with a BFA in Film, Video & Photographic Arts from The Cleveland Institute of Art.

My career in post production has spanned from wet lab technician to digital printer; freelance retoucher to senior print producer; & most recently to Director of Post Production in the Beauty Industry. 

I bring order & efficiency to any post production workflow, along with a wealth of knowledge that includes hands-on experience in still & motion platforms with a fine art background. 

Let's talk Process

No matter the content you are creating, utilizing a tested & streamlined process with talented artists will get you to final output quicker & more efficiently.  


Let me help you with:

  • File & Server Management

  • Custom Naming Conventions

  • Color Management & Proofing

  • Overseeing Color Grading, VFX & Edit Requests

  • Integrated Workflows / Joining Teams Efficiently

  • Archive Management

  • Maintaining a Project Database & Metrics

  • Sourcing trusted talent for Edit, Color Grade, Retouch, Motion GFX, Flame, Cinema4D, Blender, SparkAR, etc

Paper Color Palette
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