Welcome to the Fitness portion of my website! My name is Erika but in the fitness world I go by @witchontherun

I started running in middle school on both XC and track teams. In high school I abandoned sports to be goth and spend my time (literally) in a dark room to embark on my future career in photography.

After relocating to NYC in 2008, long hours and cramped living quarters were the norm. I quickly realized that getting active would be beneficial to both my health and sanity so I started running again (often to explore new neighborhoods), something I had not done seriously since middle school. 

After a push from my marathon running uncle (he was 60 at the time!), I ran my first race in 2011. I became hooked and have been an active member of the local NYC racing scene ever since. Over the next few years, cross training and new friends led me to other forms of fitness. Connecting with people through movement became one of the most rewarding parts of my daily routine. 

In 2015 I decided to make some big career changes and take my skills in the areas of retouching and printing and start my own business. I also knew I wanted to share the magick and empowerment I felt during workouts with others, which led me to the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification. I was lucky enough to find a mentorship with one of my favorite studios, The Monster Cycle, where I've been an instructor since August 2015. MNSTR just celebrated our 2nd year and the opening of our 2nd studio in the historic Limelight Church! If you're in NYC come check us out!

I am a current member of Nuun Hydration's Sponsored Athlete Program and currently race for Gotham City Runners. These two unique opportunities have allowed me to connect with other "fit freaks" from all over the country. 

Please check out the links above for more info. And please check out my blog for my ramblings about making a big career change, being a #gothrunner, coping and staying motivated while injured, and not fitting into the fitness world "norm".

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