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i made this mix for anyone who needs a sdtrk for these dark days — listen when you make your protest signs, listen when you write your congress & assembly, listen when you workout, listen when wanna scream into a pillow & destroy something because you feel small, insignificant & helpless because the world is on 🔥

we can make the change we want but we cannot be silent

take action ✊

use your voice 🗣

fucking vote 🗳

don’t stop until we get the change we need ❌

Many people are in power but none of them is one of us Press and media any hour - now tell me What's wrong with us? In the lion's throat I stand and I want to know! Surrounded by me and my gang your life just blows! Break into the center where your heart goes! You hold the cigarette like your trying to understand But what if the next person near you Is taking the truth out of your hands?

Revolution Action! Revolution Action! Revolution Action! What we gonna go for? Action! In ain't self destruction! It ain't self destruction! Revolution Action!

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