Teaching @ MNSTRCYCLE, #FEMNSTR 2016

My name is Erika but in the fitness world I go by @witchontherun or just "Witch"! 

After relocating to NYC in 2008, I quickly realized that getting active would be beneficial to both my health and sanity. 

I started running again, often to explore new neighborhoods, something I had not done seriously since middle school. 

After a push from my marathon running uncle (he was 60 at the time!), I ran my first adult race in 2011. Afterwards I quickly became an active member of the local NYC racing scene, running the NYC Marathon in 2013 & 2017. Over the next few years, I found new friends & new forms of fitness such as mountain biking, boxing & indoor cycling. Connecting with people through movement became one of the most rewarding parts of my daily routine.


Running the NYC Marathon, 2017


With a group of MNSTRCYCLE Students after 80's Night!, 2019

Never in a million years though did I think "I'm going to be a fitness instructor one day". It never even crossed my mind until I found MNSTR CYCLE. Part concert, part cycling studio, MNSTR is a rhythm based ride set to music videos. Classes are held in the old Limelight church aka my dream studio! Not only did MNSTR's style & music make me feel at home, so did their instructors. I got my Schwinn Certification & have been teaching at MNSTR since August 2015.

I know first hand that group fitness can be SCARY ! It's normal to feel uncomfortable or vulnerable when you try new things especially anything that involves getting sweaty in front of strangers. I chose MNSTR because it is a community that is open to everyone regardless of race, gender identity, sexual preference or current fitness level. 

Find the movement that brings you joy & make it a daily part of your life. Click on the links below to stay connected & book a class to #SWEATITOUT with me @ MNSTR!

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I am a part of Nuun Hydration's Team Nuun for the 5th year in a row! #nuunlife