To be a photographer is to search for that one special moment to remember an interaction, event, or person. It means searching for meaning and memory even in the most mundane situations, with or without a camera.


I was drawn to photography because of its duality: it has the ability to be an almost accurate depiction of reality, but it is always affected by the point of view of the photographer.


Therefore, photographs are not in the purest sense truths, rather they are a skewed representation of truth through the eyes of the photographer. This is achieved by the choice in composition or a direct manipulation of the subject matter.

In addition, the subject is reduced by the transmission of the light to the film plane making every photograph a copy of reality. A print becomes a copy of a copy. And so on. The medium itself is a visual xerox.

I am fascinated by the worlds we inhabit and create - how humans interact and conquer their private and public spaces.