Every strong Woman is a Witch. I'm not talking about physical strength, but that inner power that gives you confidence to be & to love yourself.

    What does the word "fit" mean? To be suitable, to be in good health, to be good enough. As Morpheus once said, "What if I told you": You're already good enough? Would you believe it? 

    Being fit means something different to everyone. Health and wellness goals are different for each of us, but where does that drive come from? What is motivating you to get on the bike (or go running, do yoga, etc) in the first place?

    What if it came from a place where you believed, truly believed, that you're already good enough? And that anything further you accomplish is icing on your cake?

    Now I'm not saying any goals, especially fitness goals, are BS. I have MANY fitness goals. A few of mine include to run a sub 1:40 half marathon, to hold a hand stand, to do a single frickin' pull-up, to run a BQ, etc! Goals keep us motivated, driven & excited when we accomplish something new. We are a goal-driven society, but if your goals are coming from a dark place, how is that helping you?

    I don't fit into the "fitness norm" & have had moments where I was setting goals for myself that were based on what that norm is. I was miserable. It took stepping back, really embracing who I am & saying "Fuck it".

    Maybe you can try setting your sights on something from a place where you feel good about where you are starting. Being grateful for & loving yourself, as you are, as you start will in turn make reaching those goals easier & waaaay more fun. This also means not beating yourself up when you encounter a snag or obstacle. Embrace the process, power through. You've got this, witches.

    Shout outs to some of my favorite witches. xx